Port Douglas Region ‘Better’ Than Gold Coast

8th February 2017


Controversial Independent MP and state member for Cook, Billy Gordon has been slammed by local and federal government officials as well as Port Douglas locals after making disparaging comments about the Douglas Shire. Suggesting the Gold Coast was where tourists should head for a classic beach holiday, Gordon’s comments disappointed Douglas Shire Mayor Julia Leu who said “I’m glad Billy has recognised that the Douglas Shire is not an ‘iconic ocean side tourist destination like the Gold Coast’ - we are so much better than that”.

In an online article published by the Newsport Daily, locals and visitors were quick to add their comments in support of Port Douglas holidays.

Keith Grey from Victoria said he has “been going to Port Douglas for more than ten years and will keep holidaying there. You can walk the streets at night and feel completely safe. No ugly high rise complexes. This place is more like the real Australia with a number of great places to go i.e. Barrier Reef and Daintree.”

Riani Walker from the Mornington Peninsula said “I'm from Melbourne and have been going to Port Douglas since 2012. I adore the place and knowing Crocs are in water, I'm aware but still swim, beautiful warm tropical water. There's not a place that feels like Port, I'd give my eye teeth to live there. No comparison to Gold Coast, I didn't enjoy Kirra beach at all.”

Margaret Zotti from Adelaide said “I'm not a resident of spectacular Port Douglas, but have been a regular visitor since 1999. Comparing the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast with Port Douglas and surrounds is crazy! They are all very different and offer vastly different holidays. I am a great supporter of Australians holidaying in QLD rather than the popular Asian cheaper destinations. I've tried spending my yearly 10 days on the beach in both the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, but in my humble opinion, nowhere in the world can compete with Port Douglas for a tropical vacation. And don't get me started on the amazing eateries in Port Douglas.”