Lights Camera Action: Port Douglas Popular Film Location

16th March 2016


Famous Australian actor Stephen Curry is one of many influential voices in the Australian film industry singing the praises of the Daintree and Port Douglas resurging in popularity as a film location. Having recently spend 8 days in Port Douglas as part of the Port Shorts Film Festival, Curry has been inspired to make a film here.

Soaking up the beautiful surrounds of Port Douglas, Curry was in the region as ambassador, MC and judge at the revitalised Port Shorts Film Festival along with friend, fellow Port Shorts judge and collaborator Matt Hearn, Producer of Rogue and Executive Producer of Wolf Creek. Known for his use of the Australian landscape in his films, Hearn is actually great mates with Curry and the two have been inspired by their visit.

Returning to Melbourne to begin writing the script, Hearn and Curry were inspired by the incredible locations around the region. With the beginnings of a heist movie in mind, the two created a concept that will feature iconic Daintree and Port Douglas attractions. The two were delighted by their time spent in Port Douglas as judges of the Port Shorts Film Festival, which has returned after a 7 year hiatus.

Offering an incredible $15,000 in cash and prizes, the short film festival was held over 2 nights and showcased the best young, local and international filmmakers. The timing is perfect, with industry insiders believing the region is ripe for its close up. Locals have experienced the value film and television in the region can bring, with many feeling that positioning Port Douglas to be used as a filming location in a starring role to be even more valuable.

As the Australian Film Industry's reputation continues to rise, so too does the demand by international audiences for Australian story lines. Port Douglas offer the ideal opportunity to showcase unique, remote and incredibly beautiful yet luxurious lifestyles within these storylines. It seems it doesn't matter whether you're Matthew McConaughey or Martha from Melbourne, if you're visiting Port Douglas and having a good time then the locals are glad to have you.

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