Festival Goers Finding Love at Live Events

28th September 2016

Generic Stock Images - Festival Crowd

Forget Tinder, recent research by self-service ticketing platform Eventbrite shows that 49% of those surveyed met a 'significant other' at live events, with almost half of those surveyed saying they had found love at a festival. Not only that but 4% of those surveyed actually went on to exchange vows! Whether it be a sporting spectacle, music festival or live event it seems these occasions are the right places to look for love.

The Gympie Music Muster is not just a magnet for live music lovers, with plenty of festival attendees also finding love. Michelle Storey, 40, and Clinton Anderson, 37, from Woodford, are living proof. The couple met at the Gympie Music Muster in 2006 and just 7 years later were married in front of the festival's Crowbar. A year later, they introduced their six-week-old daughter, Ariya, to the feel-good shindig in 2014.

Their story, along with countless other loved-up couples, confirms Eventbrite's national survey which revealed real-life connections beat online hook-ups when it comes to taking a possible love interest to the next level. The Eventbrite survey found that a whopping 93% of people surveyed preferred 'locking eyes for the first time' rather than simply receiving a social media request. A further 5% of those surveyed went on to get engaged, with 4% actually exchanging vows at a live event.

Conducted at the Woodford Folk Festival, research by University of Queensland professors found that attending a festival is linked to wellbeing and heightened happiness. The research revealed that not only did festival attendees feel a sense of happiness, they also felt more positive about life and were inspired to do something creative as a result. Those who attended a festival over multiple days had a more positive experience.

Those looking to get lucky in love will be scrambling to book their Port Douglas holidays in time for the next big gig, the Port Shorts Film Festival to be held 28 to 29 October. The breathtaking location sets the tone for romance while showcasing some of Australia's most accomplished film advocates and some of the best short films in the country. Offering a prize pool of over $15,000, the festival attracts some of the biggest names in Australian cinema including acclaimed Aussie actor Stephen Curry and Executive Producer Matt Hearn.

Shining a light on some of the most creative minds in Australia, the Port Shorts Film Festival is set under the stars in stunning Port Douglas. Situated in Far North Queensland where the rainforest meets the reef, this tropical location is the perfect place to look for love.

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