Join The Reef Society

3rd May 2017

Great Barrier Reef Adventure

Wendy Morris arrived in Port Douglas on a sailboat with her family 40 years ago. Intent on being as close to the Great Barrier Reef as possible, she grew up in the tropical paradise with a curiosity and growing awareness for the wonders of marine life. This fascination led her to study Marine Biology at James Cook University and subsequently become a pioneering force around Port Douglas. Now, she invites you to join the Reef Society.

Beginning her career as a marine guide for Port Douglas tours to the reef, her creative streak ran just as deep as her love for the reef. Soon she found herself taking stunning macro photos of life beneath the surface, but she wanted more than still artworks and so she founded Reef Society, a range of leisurewear that reflects her philosophy that when we observe we become aware, when we’re aware we care and when we care we conserve.

Every item incorporates Wendy’s art to share a story and wear the Great Barrier Reef, turning every customer into an ambassador for the Great Barrier Reef and its conservation. Made from quality fabrics sourced from Asia and Europe, the clothing line look just as at home in a yoga studio as it does under the water or out in the street. With T-shirts made from traditionally grown organic Indian cotton, visitors from all over Australia and the world can take the message of the Great Barrier Reef home, whether it’s to New York or Narrabeen.

Wendy has a passion for excellence, with each piece of clothing committed to the highest quality. Each range is limited edition, with only six designs produced at any one time. Like wearing collectible works of art, Reef Society clothing offers crop tops, leggings, sarongs, surf skirts, scarves, t-shirts and lycra suits that are a tribute to the beauty of the underwater world.

Reef Society is proving to be very popular with locals and visitors alike. The high fashion leisurewear line comes without the high price tag and allows customers to wear a piece of art that not only looks amazing but cares and creates awareness. In a world of fast fashion, this is a fashion statement that follows a wonderful philosophy and supports a worthy cause. While Wendy’s collection might be focused on the ‘little things’, it’s hard not be impressed by her range of ‘stunning things’.